Connect: Resound

Connect: Resound is a pioneering digital music education project, led by youth music charity NYMAZ, to enable more children and young people to receive music-making and enrichment opportunities using online technologies.

Connect: Resound

Initially focused on using technology to overcome the barriers to music education presented by rural isolation - namely, travel times and cost- Connect: Resound is now exploring how its model of music education can respond to other challenges to children’s music-making. These range from mental health issues to excluded children.

Working with Music Education Hubs across the country since 2014, Connect: Resound began as an action research project led by NYMAZ in partnership with research partners, the Music Department at the University of Hull, and technology partners, UCan Play. The project has developed a ‘tried and tested’ model of online music tuition, which is high-quality but cost-effective. With funding from Paul Hamlyn Foundation Education and Learning Through the Arts: More and Better Fund, as well as Music for All, we are now exploring its potential in a variety of different applications, working with our latest cohort of Music Hub Partners

In addition, Connect: Resound broadcasts free live concerts online to schools through Connect: Resound Live, helping children and young people to enjoy professional performances, no matter their circumstance or location.

The Connect: Resound programme is also focused on supporting and connecting professionals with an interest in online music education – from resources to CPD training and events. To find out more, join the NYMAZ Remote Music Learning Network  membership is free of charge.