NYMAZ Music Ambassadors

Are you aged 14-25 living in North Yorkshire?

Passionate about MUSIC?

Want your voice to be heard?

Become a NYMAZ Music Ambassador, and have a say in the music opportunities on offer in North Yorkshire!

NYMAZ is a charity that works with organisations around the county to bring exciting music-making opportunities to children and young people. We are looking for motivated young people aged 14-25 to join our programme called NYMAZ Music Ambassadors.

Ambassadors will be invited to:

  • have their voice heard on issues affecting young people;
  • help spread the word about local music opportunities;
  • attend social events and gatherings;
  • take part in music training and workshops;
  • perform their own music.

Anybody aged 14-25 and living in North Yorkshire can sign up to become a NYMAZ Music Ambassador, and there are no costs or particular level of musical experience required. All we ask is that you love music, and want to make a difference!

As an Ambassador, you will be invited to meetings around the county, gaining access to music industry professionals who can advise you on music careers, getting your music heard, where you can improve your music-making and loads more! Have an idea for a music project or event? Bring along your ideas and NYMAZ might be able to help you make it happen! YOU will help shape the programme, and the way NYMAZ makes decisions, by contributing your ideas and opinions at the sessions, through online surveys and at events.

Your voice matters, and we want to hear it!

Upcoming meeting dates:

Thur 24 May, 6-8pm at Leyburn Arts & Community Centre

Wed 27 June, 6-8pm (venue tbc)

Wed 25 Jul, 6-8pm (venue tbc)

Wed 22 Aug, 6-8pm (venue tbc)

If you would like to become a NYMAZ Music Ambassador, email info@nymaz.org.uk to let us know! You can e-mail us if you have any questions, or phone us on 01904 543382.

Meet the NYMAZ Music Ambassadors!

Aidan and Luke from Thirsk, aka The Drivers, http://wearethedrivers.com/ have been part of the NYMAZ Music Ambassadors project since April and have developed from music enthusiasts, to a fully functioning outfit. They will be sharing aspects of their learning through video guides (posted on Youtube and the NYMAZMusic Facebook page), culminating in: an Ultimate Guide to Busking - for young people, by young people.

Video: Meet The Drivers

As Ambassadors, the duo have also had the opportunity to develop their own skills in the following areas:

Recording techniques

  Software use – tracking, editing, mixing, mastering
  Microphone techniques
  Post production
  Rooms and environment
  Vocal and Performance techniques

Music Industry

  Promotion packages and constructing materials
  Marketing/Advertising and Brand Image
  Web Design
  Industry pathways
  Dealing with clients

‘It went from us being a bit of a mess around/joke, to being established, buskers and giggers, with a website, all whilst working with NYMAZ’ - Luke