09 Nov 2015

Principles for Musically-Inclusive Working

Written by members of the NYMAZ Music Partner Network


NYMAZ believes that everyone has the right to make music and to participate in shared cultural experiences

Our working principles

In delivering musically inclusive activities, we as musicians and organisers aim to:

1.  Engage participants through experiences that are culturally, socially and personally relevant

2.  Understand and respond to the unique needs of individual participants

3.  Encourage participants to have shared ownership of sessions

4.  Nurture in participants a desire to explore and develop their own creativity

5.  Provide a supportive environment, encouraging participants’ individual voices and building individual and group confidence

6.  Value and promote all musics equally – including different genres, styles and ways of making music

7.  Strive for quality of both process and product across varied models of delivery

8.  Be flexible and adaptable to allow everyone to take part in ways that can interest and empower them

9.  Encourage personal and social development through our music practice

10. Identify and respond to areas of demographic and geographic need

11. Work in partnership with others to strengthen an inclusive offer

September 2015

NYMAZ’s “principles for musically-inclusive working” were proposed collectively by members of the NYMAZ Music Partner Network (including partners, music leaders and staff) in an afternoon, and have since been refined before reaching the final list above.

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