NYMAZ Plugged In

Are you aged 11-25 living in North Yorkshire?
Passionate about MUSIC?
Want your voice to be heard?

Become a NYMAZ Music Ambassador as part of our Plugged In programme, and have a say in the music opportunities on offer in North Yorkshire!

NYMAZ is a charity that works with organisations around the county to bring exciting music-making opportunities to children and young people. We are looking for motivated young people aged 11-25 to join our programme called NYMAZ Music Ambassadors.

What is the role of a NYMAZ Plugged In Ambassador?

  • Take part in your own local Ambassador music projects
  • Give us your views to help shape our music projects and marketing
  • Spread the word about music opportunities in your area

What is the payback?

  • Meet professionals from the music industry
  • Get advice and guidance to improve your music-making
  • The chance to win funding and support for your own music project
  • If you’re doing Arts Award or Duke of Edinburgh, we can help
  • We’ll pay your travel to the open sessions
  • Free food!

NYMAZ Music at Home Activities!

Key Stage 3 (11-16yrs) Graphic Score activity!
Download here!


There are two different Plugged In programmes - Plugged In and Plugged In+

Plugged In (11-16 year olds) and Plugged In+ (16-25 year olds)


Get your geek on. Take part in a series of workshops or PODs (Professional Opportunity and Development groups) to kickstart your music!


Let your creative side out. Work alongside professionals and other young people to create an exciting range of music, musical activities and events of your choice!


Be inspired. Take the opportunity to put all those skills into practice by creating your own project or event!

NYMAZ Ambassadors, as part of our Plugged In programme

As a NYMAZ Music Ambassador, you will be invited to your local meetings which take place around the county, gaining access to music industry professionals who can advise you on a range of different music careers, getting your music heard, where you can improve your music-making and loads more! These sessions will be taking place in three areas starting from January 2020! Sessions will be weekly, and you will work alongside professional musicians to develop skills and experience as a musician. You will then help shape the direction of the projects and make more music happen in your local area!

Professional Opportunity and Developments (PODs)

NYMAZ PODs will be groups of young people interested in developing and gaining experience in a range of different music industry roles. You can select which PODs you would like to join, and which roles in the Music Industry you would like to explore. Each POD will be offered the chance to take part in a mini four week course exploring the different roles, and then offered the opportunity to help support, develop and deliver their own projects, all whilst being mentored by an industry professional.

Have an idea for a music project or event? Bring along your ideas and NYMAZ might be able to help you make it happen! YOU will help shape the programme, and the way NYMAZ makes decisions, by contributing your ideas and opinions at the sessions, through online surveys and at events.

Your voice matters, and we want to hear it!

To sign up to our Plugged In programme, click here

Upcoming Dates:

DJ Drop Ins
Plugged In - LEARN
11-16 year olds

Join DJ School Leeds for an exciting series of FREE DJ Drop-in sessions on Fridays from 6 May to 27 May.at 4.30-6.30pm at Ripon Library

Take your skills to the next level in this introduction to how to use turntable and DJ equipment.

Workshops are free to attend and you can just turn up without registering in advance.


If you would like to become a NYMAZ Music Ambassador, or attend any sessions, email info@nymaz.org.uk to let us know! You can e-mail us if you have any questions, or phone us on 01904 543382.


NYMAZ Ambassador Luke interviews Hope&Social’s Rich Huxley click here for the highlights!

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