Connect: Resound

Connect: Resound is an action research project exploring how digital technologies can be used to deliver music education for children living in rurally isolated areas.

We have created a suite of research reports and guides summarising our findings around online music tuition from our work to date.

You can access a full toolkit of free resources to inform your planning of online music education by joining the NYMAZ Remote Learning Network. Membership is free.


Safeguarding Guide: synchronous online delivery

The aim of this guide is to help you consider, plan for and manage key aspects of online safety when developing synchronous online instrumental tuition for children and young people.

Literature Review - Teaching Music Online

An overview of current thinking and practice in online music education by Dr Jonathan Savage, UCan Play Director

Connect: Resound Teaching Tips

Some useful tips on how to prepare, set up and deliver an online instrumental lesson, using the Connect: Resound teaching equipment.

Connect: Resound Technical Guide 2018 UPDATED VERSION VR4

A comprehensive introduction to setting up and using the Connect: Resound teaching kit. This technical guide is for any Hubs receiving the kit from 2018, based around the Roland VR4-EX mixer/streamer.

Live Streaming Guide

Connect: Resound helps to connect children and young people to high quality music experiences - online! We have produced this step by step guide for live streaming musical performances using the Connect: Resound equipment for our Music Hub and music education sector partners, in conjunction with Connect: Resound technical advisors at UCan Play.

Technical Support Guide

Details of how to set up and use the technology trialled by Connect: Resound.

Schools Guide

Guidance for preparing for and delivering online instrumental lessons.

Music Education Hubs Guide

Tips for implementing online instrumental tuition.


Technical Support Video Guide

To be viewed in conjunction with the Technical Support Guide.

Technical Support Video Guide - 2018 VR4 Version

Updated technical support video guide for Connect: Resound partners, using the bespoke online teaching kit based around the Roland VR4. This is for projects taking part in Connect: Resound from 2018 onwards. To watch in conjunction with the VR4 Technical Guide.