Support my child’s learning

Supporting practice at home

When learning any new skill, it is vital to practise regularly in order to improve. Parental support at home can really help to build on the work that a teacher does with their child. Here are some blog posts and videos to help explain how to support your child’s musical study.

- Blog post: Taking up a musical instrument
- Guildhall School of Music and Drama: Practicing your instrument
- ABRSM: Pianist Angela Hewitt on the importance of slow practice
- Music Express: Musical games to play at home
- Blog post: Advice for learning to read music
- Getting children to practice music without tears
- Tips for how to practice well

The ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) have a range of apps for Android and iOS devices that can help offer another way to engage your child in practice. Have a look here.

Advice for specific instruments

For guitarists:
- What’s the right age to start learning the guitar?
- How can you tell if your guitar is in tune? Use one of these apps…
- What you need to learn when playing guitar

For pianists:
- What does a good hand position look like?
- How do you find ‘middle C’?

For violinists:
- An introduction to the violin bow

For clarinetists:
- How to hold a clarinet

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