11 Jun 2020

A Walk in the Wild Wood!

In the lead up to Rural Fest 2020, we want to put some of our wonderful artists in the spotlight - to give you a bit more information about what you can look forward to!

Today, we are featuring Sophie Knill; a brilliant member of our young team who has created a family-friendly interactive musical story that encourages music, learning and creativity.

Sophie, who started playing clarinet when she was 8 years old, and now, at the age of 15, plays for the National Orchestra For All, has a love and passion for music which we think is infectious! As part of our lead team, Sophie has been instrumental in the building of Rural Fest 2020. When asked what inspired her to get involved, she replied,

“I thought I would be good at the music leader role and inspire other people to give music a go!”

And we hope you agree – Sophie has put together a range of different musical activities for you to make your own instruments. We hope you join us and take part in our musical story!

Sophie has written, composed and performed this miniature musical adventure specially for Rural Fest. Including her favourite characters from Wind in the Willows- Ratty, Mole and Toad, she will take you on an adventure through the Wild Wood. You will be able to interact throughout using your own homemade instruments, with specific play along sections which will be highlighted throughout the story. Explore how to create ‘sounds of nature’ and bring the woods to life from your living room as we take a walk with some of our favourite fictional friends!

“I wanted the story to be fun, simple and exciting, using some of my favourite characters and linking with the theme of ‘Rural’. Where better to do that than in the woods!”

Perhaps you’ll agree that we could all do with a little bit of woodland escapism right now. What better way to unwind and enjoy the outdoors? ‘A Walk in the Wild Wood’ is a treat for mind, body and soul!

In the lead up to our broadcast of ‘A Walk in the Wild Wood’, Sophie will also be hosting a video tutorial workshop on how to make a bead shaker, as well as providing some PDF ‘how-to’ guides on creating a selection of fun instruments out of your trash! Watch our socials for more info on these exciting tutorials coming soon!

Sophie’s workshops and story will be fun for all the family; we welcome all ages to participate and join in. This interactive piece encourages viewers to listen out for the beat, explore different timbres and get creative with your recycling. So, be sure to get your recyclables washed out and ready. Sophie’s workshops will be dropping into your feeds the week commencing 15th June!

Don’t forget to tune into Rural Fest, on the 21st of June, where Sophie’s musical story ‘A Walk in the Wild Wood’ will be showcased at 10am on our Connect: Resound/watch page as well as on the Make Music Day website!

Written by Claire Hamilton - Rural Fest, Communications Officer 2020

Tags | Challenging circumstances | Digital | Early Years | Music projects | Remote music learning

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