19 Jun 2020

Awakening your Mind and Body for Rural Fest

We have two creative performances hailing from North Yorkshire’s very own, Skipton. Joining us for special events on 21 June as part of Rural Fest.

Awakening our bodies as the sunrises on Rural Fest join Ebru Evrim in a one-off morning yoga session combined with the spell binding music of Kelly Jayne Jones. This exciting collaboration is going to awaken your mind and stretch your body with free yoga meditation by Ebru Evrim to music by Jones. The yoga and pilates company was founded in 2015 by Ebru Evrim, who came over to England from Istanbul. Before starting this company, the qualified teacher began giving ashtanga yoga and pilates lessons as a freelancer. She has now added her own activewear range and does retreats abroad and online workshops. Working alongside her is Kelly Jayne Jones from Manchester, to bring you a relaxing and refreshing morning experience. Her work combines “performance, installation and sound”; she began with experimental concrete music which has expanded over time to include “dance, gesture, sonic drawings, stone sculpture and film” to create a multi-sensory event. This partnership is sure to be an enlightening start to your day! Ebru Evrim and Kelly Jayne Jones will be performing at 8:00am on 21 June.

Introducing our second Skipton artist; the Lempen Puppet Theatre! Liz and Daniel Lempen have been running the touring puppet theatre company for over 30 years, sometimes creating their own original music for their shows as well. They like to experiment with “intriguing and unconventional characters” and a sense of humour, aiming to “connect the real world to the world of imagination”.
For their special performance at Rural Fest they will be playing two pieces, with two unusual instruments. One is the Hang, a steel drum created in 2000, and the other is the Xaphoon, a reed instrument which has been around in various forms since 1972. The two pieces are “Hatmosphere”, a song made for the show ‘Journey of Turtle’ and “Camas-an-Elian”, which was inspired by Loch Torridon in Scotland. Their performance will be fun for all the family, taking place outside Skipton Castle at 10:30am on the 21 June, so make sure to watch!

Tune in live here.

Written by Lucy Pullan, lead Music Journalist – Rural Fest 2020


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