01 Jan 2014

Charlie: A Case Study

Written by Ros Hawley. This article first appeared in the Jessie’s Fund Newsletter, which can be donwloaded below.

There’s a world out there if we listen…

I have been inspired to write about a little boy we met during a Jessie’s Fund Soundtracks project at Norfolk Park School in Sheffield. Although we have only met Charlie once so far, his response to live music was   very powerful. For me, Charlie’s responses sum up the essence of Jessie’s Fund: through the many projects delivered by Jessie’s Fund musicians throughout the UK, many children (who otherwise would not) gain the opportunity to both shine and share their love of music with musicians who are sensitive to their needs and ways of communication. Doors can be opened. New perspectives can be seen. New opportunities can be created.
This is the story of our first encounter with Charlie…

When we first were introduced to Charlie the thing that struck me most was how well his teaching assistant, Sarah, knew him and how best he would access the music session. ‘He’s rather good at playing the wind chimes with his feet,’ she said. This one sentence was a perfect example of the partnership between teaching staff and Jessie’s Fund musician working at its best - enabling the child to gain as much as possible from the session but leaving space for us to get to know him for ourselves. Download the Jessie’s Fund Newsletter at the link below to read the rest of the story.

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