19 Jun 2020

Rural Fest 2020 Artist Feature: Fiona Burton and Emma Wright

Back again with another Rural Fest 2020 feature and this time, we are talking about two phenomenal creatives who will be working together in a collaborative project called ‘Tidal Contours.”

Fiona Burton and Emma Wright, a visual artist and a musician respectively, grew up in the same town on the east coast of Yorkshire. Coming together again to create a cooperative performance for Rural Fest 2020, their project involves spontaneity, stimulation, creative response and play as well as bucket-loads of imagination.

Fiona is a textile designer and artist who focuses on multimedia approaches within her current role as a children’s workshop facilitator. Her core design values in her practice are play and well-being, exploring the importance of freedom and youthful creativity with the young people she works with. She uses her own playful, curious nature to explore vivid colour, natural shapes, exciting textures and patterns.

Emma, on the other hand, is a musician and composer who is inspired by existing film and video game soundtracks. Her main instruments are violin and piano, however these days she tends to lean towards electronic composition. Finding contentment in composing music, she has a particular appreciation for the way in which sound and image work together. Recently, Emma has composed the main theme for season two of OMEN Investigations; a comedy horror podcast following three agents as they protect the world from monsters, aliens and the paranormal.

Speaking on the festival, Emma says: “I’ve always loved creating music that is inspired by the beauty of nature and by taking natural sounds and altering them somehow. Rural Fest has allowed me to do that, and with one of my closest friends! It’s wonderful to be able to see how Fiona interacts with my music and how that then translates into her artwork.

Consequently, for Rural Fest 2020, Emma will be creating a musical composition that Fiona will be reacting to visually. Named ‘Tidal Contours’, this reaction piece will take the form of colours, lines and shapes.

Moreover, we welcome everyone and anyone to take part alongside Fiona. Emma’s 25-minute composition will be streamed at 9:15am on the 21 June, we hope you can find your natural rhythm and join us in a paint-along. Be sure to snap some photos of your creations and use the hashtag #ruralfest2020 so we can share them!

So, get those colours out in preparation for the 21st – not long left now!
Watch it all here.

Take a sneak peek at their work for extra inspiration:
Fiona -
Instagram: @fionabeattie_
Email: fionabeattieburton@gmail.com

Emma –

Written by Claire Hamilton – Communications Officer – Rural Fest 2020


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