08 Jun 2021

‘Five a Day Music’ Summer Singing Resource

NYMAZ & Flash Company Arts launch FREE ‘Five a Day Music’ summer singing resource for schools & nurseries

Free to download from www.fiveadaymusic.com

Celebrate the arrival of summer in song! NYMAZ and Flash Company Arts have released a special summer ‘Five A Day’ singing resource for early years, reception and Year 1 children. It is free of charge and designed to make it easy for teachers and nursery staff to embed a daily singing routine and ensure every child receives a music education.

The Five A Day Summer Pack provides a music programme for children aged 0 to 5 for the next school half term. The idea is to spend as little as five minutes a day singing together using short songs that are simple, fun and easy to learn. Each song has only a few different notes and reinforces the learning of basic musical concepts such as a steady beat, pitch and dynamics. The pack is a sample for the full Five A Day resource which is to be launched in the autumn and will provide a year’s worth of music activities for the under-fives.

Rebecca Denniff, Artistic Director of Flash Company Arts explains, “Singing together is a joyful activity and this resource makes it easy for teachers and nursery staff to make it part of their day. The Five A Day Summer Pack includes a sample plan, tips for delivering the songs as well as extension activities. There are also accompanying online videos which can be used in the classroom. We worked with teachers to develop the resource and have ensured that wellbeing is a strong theme, including songs about teamwork, friendship and enjoying nature.”

Sarah McWatt, Director, NYMAZ continues, ”Short music sessions across the week are one of the recommendations made in the new Model Music Curriculum and that is very much the principle at the heart of Five A Day Music. We know that music making has many benefits, from motor skills development to language acquisition, and believe that this resource will make it far easier for settings to introduce more music into their day.”

The Five a Day Music Programme is focused on singing for five minutes a day in order to bring benefits to young children including:

- Introducing topics on the EYFS curriculum: the songs have been created to fit the school year and the seasons, covering topics from from being outdoors to sharing

- Supporting development: from language acquisition and motor skills (action songs, dancing), through to concentration and listening

- Enhancing wellbeing: singing is a joyful activity and the songs also deal with subjects such as feelings and offer a means of self-expression

- Developing musical confidence: the songs are simple, fun and easy to learn but they reinforce the learning of basic musical concepts such as a steady beat, pitch and dynamics.

- Establishing routine: singing together for five minutes a day is a great way to bring children together and opening each session with the song ‘Time To Sing’ establishes singing as a routine activity and gets everyone focused.

The Five A Day Music Summer Pack is available to download for free from www.fiveadaymusic.com

The project has been made possible thanks to funding from Arts Council England and Youth Music.

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