18 Dec 2013

I’m Inclusive!

Saturday 1st March 2014 10am - 3.30pm

The Ron Cooke Hub, University of York

I’m in - are you?

You are invited to join in this day of celebrating and showcasing best practice in inclusive music projects. You’ll have the opportunity to take part in workshops and professional development sessions, enjoy performances and have a go with some hands on demos. We want you to interactively share best practice and increase your skills and knowledge as well as enjoying performances led by young people involved in Accessible Arts and Media, NYMAZ and other Youth Music funded projects.

Opening with a short presentation from Dom Smith, (winner of a National Diversity Award in 2012) the day will offer a festival of activities and events for all.

Dom Smith is the co-founder of business network, Disabled Entrepreneurs and media agency The Creative Condition. He is also the founder of York-based music publication, Soundsphere magazine. Voted one of the 100 Happiest People in the Country by the Independent on Sunday in 2013, and having won the National Diversity Award for Entrepreneurial Excellence in 2012, Dom is proud to lend his skills, and support to the wonderful folk at Accessible Arts & Media as a trustee.

The day will revolve around a series of Showcase events –  including performances from a wide range of young people and the many fantastic projects they are involved in. In addition you can take part in some stimulating CPD events – Workshops with: Phil Mullen; Tina Pinder; Drake Music; Yorkshire Youth & Music; and Music and the Deaf. More information below!

CPD Events

Phil Mullen – Working with Excluded Children

Phil Mullen is one of the world’s leading Community Music trainers, regularly running workshops and seminars in Europe, North America and Asia.In this session Phil will use song, rhythm and creative approaches to illustrate good practice working with children and young people excluded from mainstream schooling.  He works in pupil referral units for children who can’t be in mainstream school and runs training programmes on working with children in challenging circumstances. He has trained community musicians at Goldsmiths College, London since 1990, and was a national advisor for Sing Up UK’s “Beyond the Mainstream” programme, which worked with vulnerable primary age children in special schools and other settings. Phil is the co-editor of the book ‘Reaching out – Music education with ‘hard to reach’ children and young people’ published in November 2013.

Tina Pinder -  Music Making with Children on the Autistic Spectrum

Tina will run a workshop that shares musical ideas and interactive repertoire including hands on vocal and instrumental activities for those working with children on the autistic spectrum with a focus on ‘small group work’.  Tina Pinder is currently a Workshop Leader for the London Philharmonic Orchestra and Noise Director for KimNara Music, Hackney.  She delivers training on Music & Special Needs at Goldsmiths and with Sound Connections, Sing Up and other learning centres throughout the world.

Drake Music – Ramp It Up!

Drake Music breaks down disabling barriers to music through innovative approaches to learning, teaching and making music. Their focus is on nurturing creativity through exploring music and technology in imaginative ways. They put quality music-making at the heart of everything they do, connecting disabled and non-disabled people locally, nationally and internationally. Their programme Real Accessible Musical Participation is for disabled children and young people.

Yorkshire Youth and Music – Amazing Music Technology

This session led by Andrew Cleaton will offer the opportunity to find out and ask questions about this research and investigation project working with a range of music technology equipment and software to enable children and young people with profound and multiple learning disabilities to make music.

Music and the Deaf & Music4U

Music and the Deaf will run a music-making workshop with the Yorkshire Music Club, an established group of deaf young people aged between who meet regularly to make music.This workshop will be led by Nikki Wilson and Stephen Hesselton. Following on from the session, Annabel Hanson from Music4U will talk about a recent report looking at music provision for early years in York and the Humber.


Members from the Department of Electronics of the Audio Laboratory (Andy Hunt, Jacob Harrison) and the York Centre for Singing Science (David Howard) will be showing various interfaces for controlling sounds which can be used for making music. In particular, work on the human singing voice will be represented by elements of the Vocal Tract Organ, which uses 3-D prints of human vocal tracts which can ‘sing’ under user control (the organ can be heard on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SX-f1oU0_Kk and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUryWk-s9Ig). 
There will also be interfaces interfaces for making musical and vocal sounds that are App-based; we have expertise in App (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) programming on our music technology programs and these will be represented.

Information on further workshops to follow….

Showcase Events

MiXiT – will be performing a short set. MiXiT break new ground with their lively appeal as an inclusive pop group. Performing classic pop songs and new and original material. MiXiT have begun to attract audiences from not only the UK but all over the world. With the beginnings of a global fan following, MiXiT are iconic to people with and without disabilities.

Young people from inclusive music projects including Accessible Arts & Media’s IMPs (Inclusive Music Project) groups and the Sloop Group from Castaway in Goole will be showcasing what they’ve learned and taking part in a series of fun workshops throughout the day.

You’ll have the chance to check out what the IMPs music technology groups have been up to in the fabulous 3Sixty 360-degree projection space. The York group have been exploring music and sounds from around the world, creating fantastic world music soundscapes. Using accessible triggers and switches to play the recordings they’ve made, they’ll give an interactive performance in the 3Sixty during the morning break, transporting you to far off shores! The East Riding group have been learning about imaginary beings and mythical creatures. Over the lunch break you can visit the 3Sixty to experience their interactive installation and find out what they’ve learned about the Kraken, the Phoenix and the Chinese Dragon!

Young apprentices, disabled and non-disabled, from the York IMPs singing and signing group have been working with the project artists, developing workshop and leadership skills. They’ll be leading a fun workshop for young people where participants will get the chance to learn some new songs and the signs that accompany them, getting ready to join in the Big Sing at the end of the day!

Young people from Castaway’s Sloop Group will be leading a workshop for young people up on the Island of Interaction. The flagship project in Castaway’s fleet, the Sloop is crewed by young people with a passion for making noise. Their workshop will be accessible to all, with the aim of harnessing the creativity of the participants to create some harmonious sounds!

Other workshops that the young people will be taking part in on the day include:

Exploring Gamelan with Music4U, where participants will get the chance to discover traditional instruments and music from Indonesia alongside creating their own music for the gamelan. The gamelan will also be available for you to try during the lunch break.
• Students from the University of York’s MEG (Music Education Group) and KEEN (Kids Enjoy Exercise Now) groups will be leading a fun workshop involving music and movement. Participants will get involved in fun warm up exercises, learn African song and dance and create their own soundscapes inspired by images.
Music and movement with Chilli Bon Bon – Chilli Bon Bon is a community performance group setup by the Brunswick Social Club (www.brunswickyork.org.uk), run by and for people with learning difficulties. They’ll be using the 3Sixty space to showcase new music composed by Chilli Bon Bon member Kris Klavenes and a new dance piece ‘Chilli Movements’. Young people will be able to control the music using triggers and switches and watch the Chilli dancers pick up on their beats.

Members of Accessible Arts & Media’s Adult singing and signing choir, Hands & Voices, will be joined by young people from the York and East Riding IMPs groups to lead us all in a big sing and sign to close the day. Not to be missed!

Hands & Voices is one of the first singing and signing choirs in the UK, set up by
Accessible Arts & Media as a means of enabling people with learning and communication difficulties to take part in music through the unique combination of signing and signing. Hands & Voices is a fully inclusive community choir that is open to anyone, whether they have a disability or not, that has been running for over 15 years. It started with a handful of members and is now 50‐strong.

Accessible Arts & Media’s Inclusive Music Projects (IMPs) is an innovative music project for disabled and non-disabled young people alike. IMPs is fully accessible and inclusive and provides a unique opportunity for young people to work together as equals, learn new skills and celebrate
abilities. Participants learn to sign, write their own songs and compose music using a range of instruments and accessible technologies, all while making new friends and having lots of fun!

Hands on Demonstrations in the Pods! There are three different session running throughout the day - come along and have a go!

Theremin Bollard - Throughout the day there will be opportunities to watch and try a Theremin Bollard – have a look here at what this might involve! Theremin Bollards are accessible, innovative and great fun! ........ Designed for music making without the need for technical skill, Theremin Bollards are inspiring instruments, that produce a rich tapestry of expressive sounds and will blow your mind…So what are they?..... Basically a 21st century theremin built into a beautiful structure…........

Apollo Ensemble enables people of all abilities to control music, light and image for play, performance and learning. From Xbox games controllers to simple switches; pressure pads to dice, the Ensemble has a range of controllers to suit every performer. Come along and try out some of this accessible music technology.

What is iMUSE? iMUSE is an interactive music, sound, visual and vibration stimulation experience tailored to the individual needs of the person. Vibroacoustic Therapy is a technique in which a combination of two different sounds are played to the person through a Sound box/mat whilst sitting in their wheelchair or out on a positioning bag. This will include low frequency sine tones that stimulate and relax the body.


The day will finish with a big Sing and Sign led by members of the fabulous Hands & Voices and young IMPs apprentices!

NYMAZ SEND Music Network member £15.00/Non Members £20.00

Contact deborah@nymaz.org.uk 01904 543382 book online - www.nymaz.org.uk

Devised and hosted by Accessible Arts and Media and NYMAZ the festival is open to music practitioners, workshop leaders, classroom teachers, support workers, managers, arts organisations, advocacy organisations and all members of the NYMAZ SEND Music network


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