05 Oct 2020


A new training and mentoring programme for musicians impacted by Covid-19

NYMAZ is pleased to support the launch of INTERFACE: RESPONSE, a new set of training materials and accompanying mentoring programme for musicians whose work has been negatively impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

Funded by Innovate UK, the project brings together expertise from UCan Play, the Musicians’ Union and NYMAZ to produce a range of training materials to help musicians build their digital skills in key areas including rehearsal, performance and teaching online. All the resources are freely available at www.interfaceresponse.com.

Alongside the training materials, a team of experienced mentors have been recruited and are available to support musicians in the development of their digital skills. All mentoring to UK musicians is offered free of charge. Details about the mentoring scheme can be found here: https://interfaceresponse.com/mentorships.php.

Emily Penn, digital project manager, NYMAZ, explains the thinking behind the project
“ INTERFACE: RESPONSE is about taking positive action in a world where Covid- 19 has hit the music industry extremely hard. Performing, rehearsing and teaching have all become more challenging in light of current restrictions. Many arts centres, concert halls and theatres remain closed, and we have no real indication when tours and large-scale events will be back on the agenda. Research from the Musicians’ Union indicates that a third of professional musicians are considering giving up their careers due to the pandemic and many are facing financial difficulties.

NYMAZ has come together with the Musicians’ Union and UCan Play to pool our collective knowledge about using digital technology to best effect. The ultimate aim is to enable musicians build new income streams, whether that us for the short term or part of a longer-term change to their way of working,”

NYMAZ and UCan Play have worked together for the past six years on the pioneering Connect: Resound project which promotes online instrumental tuition and broadcasts live music events to schools and families.

INTERFACE: RESPONSE runs from 1st October to 31st December 2020.

For further information about the INTERFACE:RESPONSE project please contact Josh Savage, Project Manager, josh@ucanplay.org.uk


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