08 Jun 2018

Love where you live…

Yorkshire is undeniably one of the most beautiful settings the UK has to offer with rich Dales, romantic moors, and a rugged coastline. In the heart of this gorgeous county is where our next musical treat is taking place.

Jon Avison from The Moonbeams Collective and Jen Haines from Ivories and Strings have teamed up to take on the challenge of taking music #rural as part of Make Music Day UK on Thursday 21 June!

Jen runs Ivories and Strings which is music tuition to inspire all, using online and offline teaching methods to help support and engage as many people as she can with the love of music! Jon is the chairman of The Moonbeams Collective, a community who celebrate the landscape through arts.

Starting with songs written mainly by Jon and his love of the Yorkshire Dales, the Moonbeams Collective grew into a community who wanted to share their love for their homeland through the arts. Now on their third album and promoting films about the local landscape they have decided that Make Music Day UK is the next platform to share with the world the delights of Yorkshire, and their talent!


‘We are all about sharing music, passion, joy and celebrating where we live - Make Music Day UK and the Rural Theme was what we are all about!’

We asked Jen and Jon what inspired their location choice, only to find out that they are undecided – there are obviously too many gorgeous settings to play!

‘We have chosen 3 sites, and we want to record and film in each. To be as rural as we can and enjoy the beauty of this isolation allows us to advocate for our environment through music’

Living in such a beautiful landscape however does come with some drawbacks. As lush as the views are, the reality of that isolation impacts on rural communities and how they interact with each other and the arts.

‘Transport is a huge issue, accessing these fantastic musical experiences is difficult, particularly for young people when the last bus home is at 5pm.’

The #RuralTheme wants to break down those barriers of isolation and welcome all musicians from around the UK to celebrate together no matter where they are; to be able to share across ages, communities and landscape providing the opportunity to be part of something more. We asked what being part of Make Music Day UK meant for Jon and Jen.

‘This brings communities together, music brings communities together – it brought The Moonbeam Collective together. This is another chance to make music in an organic environment – not a studio. We want to regenerate a love and interest in music and the environment. It is just us, our instruments…and a laptop!’

Livestreaming is one of the challenges faced by those taking part in the #RuralTheme of Make Music Day UK, but Jen and Jon are taking it in their stride and have been road testing their equipment and local signal to see where is best for them to engage fully with the event.

We are excited to listen in to their performance on the 21 June from their secret location!

Stream or post your performances on social media using the #MakeMusicEverywhere and #MakeMusicDayUK hashtags, and you will be part of a worldwide performance, making your mark locally, nationally and internationally on Make Music Day.

Follow the hashtags to see what others are doing and enjoy a free, worldwide concert, regardless of whether you are performing yourself.

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If you want to get involved click here for more information.

News image photograph by Grace McNeill

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