19 Jun 2018

Making Music Count

Arts subjects in schools come under much scrutiny these days. With a financial squeeze on funds delivering high quality events, performances and opportunities to students is becoming more challenging. Make Music Day UK is a platform which allows schools to participate in an international festival from their school grounds, and the opportunity to share the experience with hundreds of others.

Leading the musical helm at The Mount School in York is Rachel Derbyshire, determined to offer opportunities and experiences to inspire, motivate and enthuse her pupils! our #RuralTheme was the perfect pitch.


Music is a big role within school life at The Mount, involved in many of the whole school celebrations and events covering pre-school up to sixth form. Mrs Derbyshire is excited to be working with both the primary and secondary Mount Schools, as this will be one of the first events they will be participating and performing in together.

‘It is a great opportunity to perform and be involved with a large range of activities. We get to work together for what will be one of the first times across schools and perform within our community. We are all very excited!’

The Mount School - a school in a city, you may be wondering how is this #Rural? But combining a love of the outdoors, community spirit and a celebration of the landscapes North Yorkshire has to offer they decided to do an open-air concert in the most rural space they could find…the garden! We did say from back garden to cliff top, and that is what we’ve got!
Mrs Derbyshire explained that Make Music Day provided a platform for her pupils to engage with their community and connect with something bigger.

‘Music is really important in a multitude of ways, it brings everyone together. Make Music Day is simply about making music. Independent schools can sometimes be seen as elitist and we are wanting to break down those barriers and share with the wider community’

Taking place in the beautiful gardens of The Mount School York, performers from years 5 – 8 will be singing several songs in their open-air concert including the Make Music Day UK song ‘Bring me Sunshine’ by Morcambe and Wise!

Hoping to instil a love and desire to take music further in her pupils Mrs Derbyshire is keen to continue providing opportunities for her students such as Make Music Day UK and the #RuralTheme. We asked Mrs Derbyshire what she believed were the main barriers for others in rurally isolated areas to access music.

‘For young people it is often a case of transport. It requires additional effort, commitment and time not only from the young person but from those they rely on getting them there’

NYMAZ is hoping to engage with as many rural communities as possible by live-streaming performances of Make Music Day UK’s #RuralTheme. We are very excited to be able to connect with and share performances from across the UK and its wonderfully varied landscape including gardens, peaks, moors and lakes.

‘Music needs promoting to be a fantastic career and provision for community involvement and enhancement. It is important for our pupils to get these experiences, and we need to value being able to give them. The arts do so much for people in their well-being, in how it is used in their lives, and we need to provide our students these opportunities to experience and become part of something bigger. We want to inspire and encourage them to do more in music.’

We look forward to tuning in to The Mount School’s performance on Thursday 21 June.
Stream or post your performances on social media using the #MakeMusicEverywhere and #MakeMusicDayUK hashtags, and you will be part of a worldwide performance, making your mark locally, nationally and internationally on Make Music Day.

Not taking part? Don’t worry, you can follow the hashtags to see what others are doing and enjoy a free concert near you, regardless of whether you are performing yourself!


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