21 Jun 2018

Making Primary Music Fun!

Taking music into rurally isolated schools is Su Evans job. As a music teacher for the North Yorkshire Music Service she provides the music curriculum across the northern part of North Yorkshire, covering Richmond to Leeming bar. Su is going to be taking Make Music Day UK #Rural into her 12 settings on Thursday 21 June and engaging over 80 pupils in music making activities.

We asked Su why she wanted to take part in our #RuralTheme;
‘I want to help students enjoy participating in this fantastic opportunity where they get to experience performance and connecting with a wider community in a safe environment, building confidence within performance for the future’.
Su will be streaming performances from Crake Hall Primary, Hawes Primary and Leeming and Londonderry Primary.


Advocating for the importance of music-making within these rural settings and promoting the musical work they have been participating in throughout the year. Celebrating these achievements on an international festival platform was is a fantastic way to introduce students to a wide scale performance without the stage fright!
‘It is important to offer these opportunities and promote music-making as it is thoroughly enjoyable, and something you can continue to enjoy doing throughout your life. Performing, developing confidence, skills and team work are highly valuable outcomes’.

We discussed the main issues that many rural schools face when it comes to music participation, and a recurring theme is: location, location, location…and transport!
‘One of the biggest challenges for accessing music in rural areas is simply location. It takes a long time to travel to these areas and provide the specialist skills and breadth of experiences that other more city located areas can access more freely’.
Su’s pupils have been working hard on several different musical projects which we will be able to watch tomorrow throughout the day! These include performances from ‘Joseph and his technicolour dreamcoat’, The Ukelele Band, and ‘Giant Slayer’ the musical.

Offering a wide variety of musical interaction is key to encouraging engagement and participation in music. ‘There is a much smaller selection of opportunities available to pupils in rurally isolated areas’. Offering specialist music training and skills is one way we can broaden the experiences available to children in these areas and hopeful inspire more musicians to continue making music in the future!
‘One of the main challenges we face is promoting the value of music and the arts in schools. It is so important to bring music into primary schools and allows pupils to experience live music and develop the resilience and discipline it takes to master an instrument.’

To tune in to their performances log in to twitter, facebook or Instagram and follow the #MakeMusicEverywhere and #MakeMusicDayUK hashtags to follow throughout the day!
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