14 Feb 2019

Meet Alex Walker

Hello! My name is Alex and I am the NYMAZ Intern.
I am 22 and currently studying my Master’s in music at the University of Hull. I am a sociable, approachable young person with interests in sport, politics, tv and film to name a few! I have always had a passion for music since I was small and have followed my love of music as I have grown up. I am a guitarist, bassist and vocalist. Fortunately, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, my courses have given me the opportunity to express myself and develop my performance style. Over my time at university I have specialised in performance, composition and musicology!

The NYMAZ internship opportunity jumped out at me as a balance of work that played to my strengths in a musical sense and host of new challenges invaluable to my future in the industry. So far it is an experience that I am very much enjoying!
NYMAZ champions the transformative potential of music for children and young people in North Yorkshire and beyond. A charity that clearly puts a lot of heart into their work and the small nature of the team means that everyone involved, and their work, feels valued. I continue to be amazed at the capacity of work that a three-person team gets through on a weekly basis, and the consistent relationships upheld with partners meaning that valuable projects can continue taking place across North Yorkshire.

Of course, I still feel like a newcomer and am slowly building up my experience through a variety or practical and office-based tasks. So far these have included assistance in the running of small-scale SEN sessions, aiding in the set up and observing of a webinar and creating advertisements for ambassadors and trustees. Everyone has been so supportive and welcoming from the start of my time here and I am extremely grateful for their patience and guidance.

One of the highlights of my internship so far has been my Mondays on placement at Brompton Hall. I am assisting with the NYMAZ project Musicians in Residence, in partnership with Live Music Now. I have been working alongside music leader Simon Robinson delivering developmental music sessions, working with small groups of pupils with SEN and also offering some 1:1 sessions. My time working with the students has been fantastic, and the sessions feel extremely friendly, intimate, relaxed and whole hearted. The atmosphere very much embodies what organisations like NYMAZ and Live Music Now are all about; reaching out to disadvantaged young people and bringing them together through music. It is a privilege to be a part of.

I hope to gain a further understanding of my strengths and weaknesses in a real-life industry capacity, and therefore determine more closely where my enthusiasm lies in terms of a future career! NYMAZ has broadened my knowledge of SEN teaching, and the positive effect that music can have in these environments. I have often felt as though my future could lie in an educational capacity, and my experience at Brompton Hall thus far has certainly encouraged that. As well as this, I am drawn to the journalistic aspects of the industry, as writing is something I enjoy and has always been a strength. NYMAZ has enabled me to explore this pathway in more detail and I look forward to learning more and developing my skills further throughout this internship!


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