19 Jun 2020

Music for the Senses!

This year at Rural Fest we have two workshops specifically for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers! These workshops will be hosted by ‘Rhythm Time’ and from mother and daughter duo Judith and Amy Williams. They will be providing engaging and fun activities for your little ones to get involved in.

Rhythm Time

Based in Bradford, Rhythm Time was set up by Kathy Doolan in 1995 after she saw the exciting change music made on her first child’s speech and development. Rhythm Time is a school for babies, toddlers, and pre-schoolers whose classes allow young children to unlock their potential through singing and teach parents and carers how to make music with their child. With classes for each stage of development, Rhythm Time stimulate all the senses.
During these strange times, parents are not alone in sharing the great task of educating their children thanks to the internet. Rhythm Time have created lots of online content to help guide parents and teach children of all ages whilst remaining in lockdown.
During their performance for Rural Fest you can join us in exploring your senses and getting creative with music. So tune in at 15:40 on the 21 June here.

For more information about Rhythm Time you can find them here.

Judith and Amy Williams

Amy is an East Anglian based artist and educator, inspired by the natural world. Her creative process begins in the natural environment, collecting and documenting, and creating works in the form of print and clay. The main focus of Amy’s workshops is to get children and families using their senses to experience artworks, spaces and creative processes. Judith (Amy’s mum) is an early years teacher who works in a complex needs school in West Norfolk. Participating in the school’s choir she has also enjoyed working with students across the school as they develop their singing skills. Judith helps these students develop their skills through singing and music workshops which explore ways to communicate using melody, rhythm, facial expressions, gestures, and signing. Judith explains that “the choir and workshops enable the young children to develop a sense of belonging and improve their well-being.”

Judith and her daughter Amy holding up a piece of art
Image: Judith and her daughter Amy holding up a piece of art

Drawing on the theme of ‘rural’ for our very own Rural Fest, this workshop called ‘Music Sketchers’ is inspired by the summer solstice. It is a fun and accessible activity for children and families to celebrate the natural world. Amy and Judith will encourage viewers to sing, sign, and draw alongside the song ‘Walking on Sunshine.’ As seen in the picture above, the drawing will focus on creating a piece of art made of circles replicating the shape of the sun.
There will be some party games thrown in, so watch out for all the fun!

If you would like to take part in this activity, join in on the 21 of June at 9:00am here.
For more information about Judith and Amy you can find them on the following platforms:

Written by Katie Lewendon, Music Journalist – Rural Fest 2020


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