20 Jun 2019

Music of the Landscape!

Taking part in this years #RuralTheme for Make Music Day is the traditional folk group from the Teesdale Valley – ‘The Cream Tees’ who create music at the heart of teesdale.

Cream Tees is a youth folk band formed in 2012 as part of the Music at the Heart of Teesdale project. We spoke to Rupert Philbrick one of the groups leaders about their involvement in Make Music Day.

“For us this is an opportunity which celebrates what we set out to do as a project which was to draw attention to the traditional music of the area, and offer the opportunity to make music!”

Having explored the range of music which has been created in the area over the years, from traditional folk songs through to some Vaughn Williams compositions the group explore and celebrate the rich musical tapestry of their landscape.

“It provides an opportunity to draw inspiration and awareness about this music and history”.

The Cream Tees members play instruments ranging from the cello to the fiddle, guitar to the flute, not to mention violas and keyboards. As well as performing these traditional pieces the group also composes their own contemporary folk music which is inspired by their love of the Teesdale landscape. Having composed and recorded their own suite called ‘Rooted’ in 2013 the group continue to create and perform their music across the county.

“Being part of Make Music Day ticks all of our boxes, where we are, what we are trying to do, and celebrating the landscape”

Rupert is a local lad and having grown up in the surrounding areas himself he was inspired to go and explore musical opportunities, and become a music leader. Returning back to his home county Rupert was inspired to find a way in which to pass on his love of music.

“Music is about providing equal opportunities, not about school academic prowess or achievement but the space for everyone to enjoy together – thing is music can bring everyone together to share”.

Having started in 2012 The Cream Tees were able to set up a regular group which met weekly providing masterclasses and sessions. Rupert commented that 7 years into the project it has become obvious that although the project provides musical opportunity it also offers a space to connect and create camaraderie.

“It’s the strongest part of the sessions, those strong connections. It’s much more than just the music.”

Cream Tees will be performing at the Langdon beck Hotel at 7pm – 8pm and then taking a stroll up the moorside to deliver a sunset set to close the day at 8.30pm – 9.30pm.

“The Moors are a blank canvas around here. The openness and isolated nature of the landscape that we live amongst is why we chose here to say goodbye to the sun”

Being in such a remote area live-streaming their performance is going to be a challenge – however look out for their recorded performance which they will post later on here:

If you are interested in seeing more performances by The Cream tees visit their website here: http://www.musicattheheartofteesdale.com/cream-tees/

Or go along to a rehearsal! The group meet weekly on a Thursday at the TCR Hub in Barnard Castle, 4.00pm - 5.30pm

Join in and spread the love of your landscape!

“Being part of make music day helps to bring wider attention to the Teesdale area, as well as a celebration of all we do.”

To be a part of this international festival and celebrate your landscape tune into performances all day on Friday 21 June and follow the tags:
#MakeMusicEverywhere #MakeMusicDay19 #GoRural



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