12 Apr 2019

Music Tots in the Spotlight!

For those of you who haven’t heard of Music Tots it is one of NYMAZ’s long standing projects which was run by Music Port and has recently been taken on by Flash Company.

Music Tots is an opportunity for learning and development through Musical Fun!

Parents and children are invited to spend time together singing and music-making at this friendly weekly session in Whitby. Children 0-5years benefit from enhanced musical, communicative and emotional development whilst parents become more confident about interacting musically with their children.
The last session took place at WHISH, St Hilda’s Business Centre in Whitby and NYMAZ intern Alex Walker attended to see what it was all about!
Music Leader Rebecca Denniff leads these session, providing a fun and inclusive environment. Opening with a ‘hello song’ all in attendance are immediately welcomed and put into action! The simple combination of a repeated melody and actions encourages everyone to participate and creates a sense of community immediately in the room.

Rebecca moves through a range of songs, which engage and excite participants throughout, also offering helpful support and ideas for parents to encourage engagement and get the most from the session.
Parents enjoy exploring how they can tailor each song and their interactions to suit every child in the room. Supported to understand the benefits of musical play in developing their bonds further with their children.

‘Everyone was included and valued, it was wonderful to see such effective musical practice in action.’

Alex Walker - NYMAZ intern

The enthusiasm and encouragement given to each person who attends Music Tots, old or new is lovely to see. Exploring musical play through songs, and instruments allows participants to develop musical skills such as listening, performance, pulse and pitch matching. These are elements which unify each session and clearly bring a lot of joy to those who attend.

‘It’s the best morning of my week!’

Participating parent.

The sessions are vibrant and fully inclusive, so don’t miss out – come and join in the fun!
If you would like more information on attending upcoming sessions click here!


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