28 Aug 2018

Musical Mums in the Spotlight!

For those of you who haven’t heard of Musical Mums, it is one of NYMAZ’s longest standing projects in partnership with Harrogate International Festivals (HIF).

Now in its 11th year, Musical Mums is a highly successful initiative working with young mothers under 25 and their children in Harrogate. Musical Mums creates a welcoming environment and promotes positive interaction between mums and their children through music.

“I’ve made some great friends from going to the group and it gave me more confidence to go along to other groups.”

The weekly sessions allow children to explore singing, live music, and movement and are led by an experienced musician and early years practitioner to support each child’s musical development. Also offering young mums an opportunity to meet others their own age and make friends in a relaxed and supportive setting.

“I’ve had some experiences at different mother and baby groups where I’ve been left on my own because the other mums are older and have little groups of their own. I feel that sometimes society judges younger parents on their abilities as a mother because of their age and Musical mums made me feel completely differently about that!”

Earlier this year HIF held another successful round of leadership training, where during one session recruitment methods for the project was discussed. The mums gave some great feedback about why they attend the session and what we could do to encourage others to attend. In light of this, new flyers were created, and some alterations made to the way the project is advertised. Subsequently Musical Mums has seen a rise in new attendees, with our current mums now bringing along friends, and making new ones!

Now with 25 regular participants in comparison to just 11 at the beginning of the year it has been truly exciting to see musical mums grow in regular attendance and the Musical Mums community develop and build together.

“I do sometimes use music to encourage [my children] to follow instructions, such as putting on their shoes or getting dressed. Sometimes I will use singing rather than shouting”

It was exciting to hear that Musical Mums has recently received funding from the Yorkshire Young Achievers Foundation and Didymus Charitable Trust which will help support this fantastic work to continue developing and supporting our small community!

It has been brilliant to work alongside and develop links with other organisations such as Harrogate Town Children’s Centre, Harrogate Library and local walking groups. All of which have been to visit the Musical Mums sessions! We are looking forward to seeing continued links with our wider community to help support our participants in other areas of their lives.

For those of you who may want to attend; sessions are free and travel costs are reimbursed, mums are also offered £10 Early Learning Centre Vouchers for every 10th session attended, making Musical Mums a unique initiative for young parents in Yorkshire. Part of the NYMAZ Play It Loud programme, funded by Youth Music.

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