19 Jan 2015

NYMAZ Early Years Resources Library

NYMAZ have designed an Early Years Resources Library for members of its Early Years Music Network, including specially compiled ‘kits’ full of instruments, puppets and other materials perfect for music activities with 0-5 year-olds.

Each kit may be borrowed by Network members for up to three weeks at a time, for FREE. This gives members the opportunity to try out a range of instruments and materials in their settings before making the decision to buy their own. See below for the contents of each of the kits, which come in a plastic box complete with top tips and ideas, care advice, and a note book for sharing ideas with future borrowers.

Kits can be collected from either Whitby or Harrogate during usual office hours. If you would like to borrow one of our Early Years Resources Kits, please e-mail grace@nymaz.org.uk for more details.

‘Africa’ Kit

1 Woven basket
2 Hosho maracas
1 Co-co shaker
1 Caxixi (woven shaker)
1 M’bira thumb piano
1 Small djembe drum
2 Rakatak
2 Monkey drums
1 Moroccan flute
1 Gourd shaker
1 Coloured calabash
6 Animal finger puppets
1 Lycra sheet
6 Colourful scarves
1 Notebook for sharing ideas

‘South America’ Kit

1 Woven basket
2 Cha-cha seed pod shakers
2 Sonajas (woven shakers)
1 Ocarina (boxed)
1 Hand-carved gourd maraca
2 Panpipes
2 Large monkey drums
2 Small monkey drums
1 Cactus rainstick (50cm)
1 Painted Peruvian bamboo rainstick (25cm)
2 Inca flute
1 Guiro gourd
6 Insect finger puppets
1 Lycra sheet OR Stretchy ring
6 Colourful scarves
1 Notebook for sharing ideas

‘Percussion’ Kit

1 Lidded plastic box
1 Guiro
1 Double wood agogo
1 Wood shaker
1 Metal tube shaker
1 Vibraslap
2 Maracas
2 Jungle bands
1 Jingle stick
2 Claves
1 Rectangular wood shaker
6 Egg shakers
1 Triangle
4 Tambourines
6 Nursery rhyme puppets
1 Stretchy ring
6 Colourful scarves
1 Notebook for sharing ideas



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