19 Sep 2018

NYMAZ Ambassadors Song Writing Workshop!

We are extremely excited to tell you that our next Ambassadors Session in Thirsk&Sowerby Town Hall on Wednesday 26 September will be led by lead singer of the band Maia.
Tom Clegg will be running a song writing workshop to help you get your creative ideas down on paper and out to your audience!

Come along to learn some techniques and develop your writing skills, ask questions about the industry and what it really means to be a gigging musician.

This is a fantastic opportunity to develop some practical musicianship skills, and also to get answers to those burning questions you want to ask!

To have a look at Maia’s work click here for their YouTube channel!

Come along and become a NYMAZ Music Ambassador! Have a say in the music opportunities on offer in North Yorkshire!

For more information on Ambassadors click here!


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