07 Apr 2020

NYMAZ Music At Home Activities!

We know that being at home all the time can feel a bit difficult and challenging at times. So we at NYMAZ have decided to provide some musical activities for you to explore and try out whilst at home either by yourself, with your kids or as a family. These are fun, dip in and out of activities to support any music making, home schooling, and joy building that you may want to do.

New Activities are going to be added to each week, and we will split them into age groups to help you choose the most appropriate ones for you!

Key Stage 3 Activity:

Our first activity is for those of you aged 11-16 (KS3) and is a fun activity to explore and try out making your very own exciting graphic scores. Give it a go download the activity pack here and share with use your outcomes either through twitter, facebook or instagram: @NYMAZmusic
We would love to see what you get up to!


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