02 Aug 2022

NYMAZ SEND Gathering 2022

Let’s talk about the Gathering…

“Thank you for the brilliant day” (Delegate 2022)

NYMAZ hosted their annual SEND music gathering this March at the beautiful Merchant Taylors Hall in York.
We set out exploring themes of wellbeing and developing confidence for practitioners and participants as this year’s gathering theme. The aim was to develop confidence, communication, and adaptability in sessions for those working within SEND contexts, providing inspiration and building our ever-growing musical toolkits to take into settings!


The day had a range of interactive workshops and presentations throughout which were recorded. These will be made available for catch up as a resource for our full network members from September 2022.

We covered so much in just one day including:

• Singing session and warm up looking at wellbeing and pedagogy with Made with Music 
• Creating your own musical games and masterpieces with children and young people in challenging circumstances with NYMAZ partner Rebecca Denniff from Flash Company Arts CIC
• Exploring Open Orchestras, from set up, partnerships and creating your own inclusive orchestra to delivering activities with Alex Lupo
• Developing self-care and wellbeing with practitioners with Jessie’s Fund
• Interactive sign-along activity led by IMPs and AAM exploring how to deliver fun singing activities inclusively
• A session without words with Sarah Fisher – looking at how to develop communication skills with young people through non-verbal communication

Feedback from participants was great to hear – with all sessions being described as ‘good or excellent’.


“All of the music leaders were engaging, enthusiastic and eager to talk about their work and experience which was really helpful!” (Delegate 2022)

Made with Music ran a session all about how to develop self-care and wellbeing for practitioners within their practice through singing.
Rebecca Denniff led a session inspired by Flash Company’s recent project for NYMAZ, Sound Collective focusing on youth led and reactive music leading and games, pushing boundaries and stretching our expectations.

“So inspiring, I just want to go and instigate games and see what happens!” (Delegate)

Alex Lupo shared his expertise with Open Orchestra. Leading a presentation on how to set up and collaboratively create and inclusive open orchestra through to an interactive workshop on delivering Open Orchestra workshops where participants played and explored with the versatility of the Clarion!
Jessie’s Fund brought enthusiasm and energy to this session which highlighted the importance of joy in music sessions both for the leader and participant.
Sarah Fisher delivered an interactive workshop without any verbal communication highlighting different ways in which to communicate musically without the barrier of words for our participants.


“Today has reminded me of the variety of projects possible and the importance of music accessibility for all no matter what barriers”

(Delegate 2022)

Thank you to everyone who delivered at our gathering this year, and to all our delegates who made it such a valuable learning and sharing experience. We are looking forward to providing more CPD over the next year with our SEND Music Network.
If you are interested in membership click here.
We are also excited to share that we will be hosting SEND Music Week on 21 - 25 November 2022.

We would love to see you there!


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