05 Nov 2017

Open call announced for rural Music Hubs to join Connect: Resound

Open call announced for rural Music Hubs to join flagship digital music education project, Connect: Resound, in 2018

** Hubs invited to tune in to Facebook Live Q&A, 13 Nov 2017, 1.30pm **

Today, youth music charity NYMAZ announced that new places are now available for rural Music Education Hubs to join its pioneering digital music education project, Connect: Resound. Hubs wishing to offer the tried-and-tested method of online music tuition in their localities are invited to express their interest by 1 December 2017.

Funding from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation Education and Learning Through the Arts Fund will enable Connect: Resound to extend into four new regions in 2018. In addition, the project will commence trialling its method of virtual real-time instrumental tuition in two alternative learning contexts.

Heidi Johnson, Director of NYMAZ, explains: “We are looking forward to working with four new partners to revolutionise the way they provide a proportion of their music lessons. Connect: Resound creates an opportunity to free up the time music teachers spend travelling to remote schools. As a result Hubs can offer more lessons or can target schools which currently miss out on instrumental tuition altogether due to their rural location.  These Hubs will receive two ‘teaching kits’ which comprise a set of audio-visual equipment configured for online teaching and broadcasting (including A/V mixer/ streamer, camcorders, microphones).

“In addition, we are thrilled that this phase of the project will explore the potential of Connect: Resound in other learning environments. We are seeking expressions of interest from Hubs which have already committed to online teaching to trial the technique in different ways in order to further increase access to music lessons. For example, they may wish to explore whole class tuition, working with a number of schools at once, or how the technology can help them to connect teachers with children in Pupil Referral Units, Hospital Schools, home education or looked after children. We have two places available on this strand of the 2018 programme.”

Music Education Hubs are invited to tune in to a Facebook Live Q&A session at www.facebook.com/NYMAZ on 13 November 2017 at 1.30pm to find out further details. Please note, for those unable to make this time, the video will be published onto the Facebook page and can be watched later.

Full details can be found at www.connectresound.org.uk

Follow this link for the Expression of Interest form for Music Education Hubs to become a new Connect: Resound partner:

For Hubs interested in exploring Connect:Resound in new learning contexts, then click here: 

Participating Hubs on both strands of activity will benefit from:

- Guidance & support on establishing a pilot online teaching project in their area
- Training on using the equipment and teaching online

- Technical helpline
- Access to bespoke CPD opportunities, webinars and training events

- Free access to NYMAZ Remote Music Learning Network with online resources for all staff members

NYMAZ will be leading the project, with technical partner UCanPlay.

For more information
 contact NYMAZ: info@nymaz.org.uk, Tel: 01904 543 382

NYMAZ is a youth music charity which believes that all children and young people should have access to high quality music making opportunities, no matter what their circumstances or geographic location. It champions the power of music to change lives: raising aspirations, enabling personal and social development and bringing fun and enjoyment through creative expression. It delivers high-quality music-making activities across North Yorkshire and runs professional networks to support the sector.

About Connect: Resound

Connect: Resound promotes the way digital technologies can be used to create more music education and enrichment opportunities for children living in rurally isolated areas, where transport costs and times challenge traditional methods of provision. The project is led by NYMAZ along with technology partner UCan Play and researchers from the University of Hull. They are working with Music Education Hubs and schools in remote areas to offer music education online, from instrumental lessons to live music performances. Connect: Resound is supported by Paul Hamlyn Foundation Education and Learning Through the Arts Fund.

About Paul Hamlyn Foundation  

Paul Hamlyn Foundation was established by Paul Hamlyn in 1987. Upon his death in 2001, he left most of his estate to the Foundation, creating one of the largest independent grant-making foundations in the UK. Our mission is to help people overcome disadvantage and lack of opportunity, so that they can realise their potential and enjoy fulfilling and creative lives. We have a particular interest in supporting young people and a strong belief in the importance of the arts and social justice is the golden thread that links all our work.
Our mission is to help people overcome disadvantage and lack of opportunity, so that they can realise their potential and enjoy fulfilling and creative lives. The overall purpose of the Arts Based Learning Fund is to support arts organisations working with schools, colleges and other education environments to improve the evidence base for their work, so that they can do more to enhance the lives, development and achievements of children and young people. The purpose of our More and Better grants is to support activities and programmes which have been successfully piloted or are already established and where there is good initial evidence to show why the work is promising and has a positive impact.

About UCan Play
UCan Play is a musical instrument and technology sales and consultancy compa-ny specialising in the education sector. UCan Play works in partnership with other organisations to help promote music education in a range of settings. Partners include Steinway & Sons, Roland UK, Musical Futures, Sound &Music, CLIC Sargent and many others. Full details about UCan Play and their work can be found here: www.ucanplay.org.uk.


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