14 Jun 2020

Party In Your Bedroom

One of the acts we are excited to see this year during our first ever virtual festival is Fresh Junk! They will be bringing Rural Fest to a close with their epic 2 hour live set from 9pm on the 21st June.
A Leeds based experimental DJ group created by friends Rob, Lula and Amani, their music aims to provide a fun fusion of music, art, and dance to get people up and moving.

One of the things we have missed so much during lockdown is being able to be with others. We hope you, like us can feel a little bit more connected with what Fresh Junk have up their sleeves!
Fresh Junk’s performances provide a unique way of experiencing music and art, through involving the audience directly within their music.

They actively encourage YOU to get involved and help shape their mix! And this live set for Rural Fest will be no different. Inspired by their recent project ‘Foldable Sounds’, they want you to get involved in an interactive listening event, and are asking you to submit sound clips and join in with the live conversation.

“We are asking you to be a part of this set and in the coming days go out and take recordings of what the ‘wild-rural-natural’ sounds like to you. You could send us some spoken words about how you connect to nature, a recording of the vegetable section at the market, or the dawn chorus from your yard. Phone lines will be open during the event so you can call in, chat, rap, and be part of the mix live.”

– Fresh Junk (2020).

Exploring the way we see, hear, and experience ‘Rural’ in this ever growing digital landscape of ours is going to be truly exciting and we want as many voices to share in that as possible. Fresh Junk are asking you to send your recordings in over the coming days. You can venture out and about exploring the sounds around you or send in some spoken words about how you connect to nature, or the dawn chorus from your yard! Anything that you connect with the word ‘Rural’. Communications will be open during the event so you can call in, chat, rap, and be part of the mix live too!

Fresh Junk have also put some basic guidelines together for your recordings:

• Use anything you can get your hands on – for most this’ll be a phone.
• Get creative with the theme – we’re open to your input
• Please keep any poetry to 3mins or under

Send recordings to: freshjunkarts@gmail.com

Image: Fresh Junk’s poster for their annual party event ‘Bodies in Motion’ which fuses dance and music to raise money for charity.

Because of this unique form of improvisation, Fresh Junk explains that this will allow the set to

“fluctuate between ‘music’ and ‘experimentation’; shifting and changing in theme/mood. This allows quite a bit of versatility yet encompasses what I believe is one of the core principles of Fresh Junk - playful experimentation.”

– Fresh Junk (2020).

This performance will be the perfect way to end the night, get ready to turn on your disco ball and have a party in your bedroom!
So let us know what ‘Rural’ means and sounds like to you.

Submit your sound clips to: freshjunkarts@gmail.com
and they will be live mixed into the set!
For more information about Fresh Junk you can find them on the following platform:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FreshJunkArts

And don’t forget to tune in LIVE on Sunday 21 June, 9pm follow @rural.fest for more information!

Written by: Katie Lewendon, Rural Fest Journalist 2020


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