21 Jun 2018

Pop-up Performance from Storm Chorus

We are excited to introduce NYMAZ Partners Flash Company, also performing as the duo ‘Storm Chorus’; Rebecca Denniff and David Owen. They are taking part in Make Music Day UK and are up for the challenge of #RuralTheme.


Storm Chorus will be making their performance debut to the ‘wider-world’ today with #MakeMusicDayUK, and will be treating us to some re-interpretations of English Folk Songs at Handale Woods on the edge of the North York Moors!
They decided that this was the perfect first stage for them as they believe that ‘music connects people, it changes people’s lives and if you can inspire just one person then it is worth it.

They have chosen to do a pop-up concert in Handale Woods for a small group of family and friends, and of course the rest of us, via the wonders of live-streaming! Handale is a beautiful little place right on the border of the North York Moors, often overlooked despite having its own story of a dragon! It was this connection to mythology, nature and the beauty of the Moors that made Handale Storm Chorus’ location of choice.
‘It is one of those places where you can feel so isolated and disconnected but being part of Make Music Day allows you to be connected to something big and breaks down that isolation’.

Based in the North York Moors and working in and around Whitby both Rebecca and David know only too well that being a working musician and artist in such a vast and rural location can mean that you spend the majority of your time in the car whilst trying to get to performances, and work.
‘A forty mile journey to work or a new project wouldn’t be out of the question, just par for the course. Which we are lucky enough to be able to do, but if you’re just starting out, finding the funds to travel that much can have a huge impact on your ability to access musical opportunities and work’.

We asked why it was important to bring music to rurally isolated areas, other than to remove the travel implications of getting to a concert venue.

‘It’s good to build that community of like-minded people, musicians, and artists. To find others out there doing the same thing as you in your community helps breakdown that feeling of being rurally isolated’.

Rebecca and David wish to inspire people young and old to participate in music activities as much as possible, so taking part in Make Music Day UK seemed a brilliant opportunity.

With a keen understanding of the difficulties living in a rural area has on providing opportunities to aspiring musicians; those involved in musical opportunities often find they have to make those opportunities for themselves. Rebecca and David have taken it upon themselves to provide a vibrant platform for people to share and create by setting up their own folk club.

‘Offering the opportunity to experience music can inspire and change people that never knew they had an interest because they had never been offered the chance to participate in it. Accessing music in rural areas provides people with the confidence and chance to see what more they can do.’

We hope that their pop-up performance at Handale Woods inspires some others to take to the hills and #MakeMusicEverywhere!


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