30 Jan 2017

Royal Northern Sinfonia perform Peter and The Wolf live online!

Royal Northern Sinfonia
Peter and The Wolf
Live online broadcast
Tuesday 14th February 2017, 2.10 pm - 2.45 pm

Connect: Resound and Durham Music Service are delighted to present a unique, live streamed performance by Royal Northern Sinfonia.  As the UK’s only professional Chamber Orchestra, the RNS has built a worldwide reputation for the quality, immediacy and diversity of its performances.

The orchestra is performing Prokofiev’s classic work for children, Peter and The Wolf, in an exclusive, online-only, performance, commissioned specifically for a school age audience. The performance will last approximately 35 minutes, and schools can view the broadcast via your classroom whiteboard using this link

You do not need to download any software, but we do advise that you check you can access the You Tube channel by clicking on this link and selecting a previous performance. You may want to maximise the speed of your connection by asking that internet usage in the rest of the school is kept to a minimum during the performance, where possible.

We look forward to you joining us for this very special live streamed performance and invite you to say “hello!” during the broadcast by tweeting us @NYMAZmusic

More information about Prokofiev and Peter and the Wolf:
Prokofiev 1891-1953
Peter and the Wolf

Returning to his homeland in 1933 after almost fifteen years of self-imposed and profitable exile in the United States and Paris, Sergei Prokofiev naively thought his international reputation would exempt him from the strictures of ‘socialist realism’ then being imposed on Soviet composers.

It was a rude awakening. Many of his works in that period, including the 1935 ballet ‘Romeo and Juliet’, were heavily criticised by the authorities, and in January of that year he was at first shocked and then depressed by the public condemnation and humiliation of his fellow composer, Dmitri Shostakovich.

At this time of crisis Prokofiev sought refuge in simpler, uncomplicated compositions, several of them intended for children. He regularly used to take his two young sons to the Moscow Children’s Theatre and it was its director, Natalie Satz, who approached Prokofiev with an idea which she believed would increase youngsters’ appreciation of music – an orchestral fairy tale in which the characters would be represented by different instruments.

Prokofiev was fascinated by the idea and, after rejecting a rhyming narration offered by a poet friend of Satz’s, wrote his own story, loosely based on an old Russian folk tale. As far as the music was concerned, the piano score took only four days to write and the fully orchestrated ‘Peter and the Wolf’ was complete a week later.

Prokofiev’s charming ‘musical tale for children’ received its first performance at the Moscow Children’s Theatre in May 1936. Its resounding success story restored the composer’s spirits and – temporarily – put him back in favour with the authorities.

Since then, it has become established across the world as a classic loved by people of all ages.
As the narrator explains before the story begins, the Bird is represented by a flute, the Duck by an oboe, the Cat by a clarinet, Peter by a string quartet, his Grandfather by a bassoon, the Wolf by three horns, and the trigger-happy Hunters by the timpani and bass drum.

© Richard C. Yates

In the classroom
Here are just a few of the great online resources and downloadable activities available online to help you to plan classroom activities linked to Peter and the Wolf:

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If your school has access to Charanga.com, they also have a bank of educational and musical resources linked to Peter and the Wolf.

And don’t forget the BBC’s Ten Pieces as a great way of developing children’s involvement with the classical repertoire.

For more information about previous live streamed performances, please click here

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