19 Jun 2020

Rural Fest 2020 Artist Feature: Herenui Crawford

Only a few days to go until Rural Fest 2020!

Hopefully you have been keeping up with our artists features which have been trickling out of Rural Fest HQ for the past week. Today, we will be discussing French singer-songwriter, Herenui Crawford, who will be taking to the stage this weekend.

Influenced by the sounds of Jack Johnson, Daughter and Evanescence, Herenui’s particular blend is all at once blissful and thought-provoking. Her ukulele filled melodies and mellow vocals will draw you in as she sings songs touching on her own experience with themes such as disability and mental health. Often, Herenui’s lyricism transcends into the realm of poetry.

Released about a year ago, her song ‘Leave Me By The Sea’ is a stunning ode to identity, particularly “how difficult it is to feel like you belong somewhere”. Herenui’s delicately powerful vocals really compliment the mood of the track. Check out a live performance she did on her YouTube.

Herenui, who lives in Paris, is our furthest reaching artist. We are delighted to showcase her set at Rural Fest 2020. Be sure to tune into our stream at 11:30am to catch this stunning singer-songwriter here.

Take a sneak peek at Herenui’s music:
Instagram : @HerenuiCrawford

Written by Claire Hamilton – Communications Officer Rural Fest 2020


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