28 Nov 2018

Safeguarding for Online Tuition

Join us for a webinar:

Online Music Tuition Safeguarding Workshop with Cliff Manning

Music Education Hubs across the country are developing an online instrumental tuition element to their work. Developing online tuition can reduce travel time and costs, enable greater access to music education opportunities for young people, and provide a flexible and future-proofed method of delivery in a dynamic and changing context for music education.

As a new way of working and communicating with pupils, virtual tuition requires Hubs and teachers to develop new protocols and skills, including around Safeguarding protocols.

Cliff Manning, Head of Digital at Parent Zone, is developing guidance for the Connect: Resound project to help Music Hubs to develop appropriate safeguarding policies and procedures for online music tuition. This webinar will provide the opportunity for Music Hub staff to explore and input to the guidance, and develop your knowledge and understanding of how to develop safeguarding procedures in your Hub area.

This is going to be a useful tool for anyone taking on online musical tuition so book your space online here:

Safeguarding Planning for Online Tuition

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