20 Jun 2014

‘Selby Town’ Singing & Signing Resource Pack

This is an upbeat song written by people from Selby as part of the Wish You Were Here Project – a Songwriting Relay for North Yorkshire, part of the Yorkshire Festival 2014. Local people attending on the day were asked the question ‘what would you tell a travelling visitor about your community?’ Selby Town is a reflection of the ideas, memories and knowledge of local history of those present.

Within the wider Wish You Were Here Project, this is the only song that was written with a view to signing to create an accessible song that anyone can sing and sign whether they have done this before or not. With this in mind, the song is repetitive and simple and has a catchy tune with not too many signs making it easy to learn. We hope you enjoy it!


You can download the Singing & Signing resource pack at the link below.

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