21 Jun 2018

Sunrise Solstice Sing

We are extremly excited to hear that our partners Flash Company along with the Whitby Community Choir are rising early to meet the dawn and sing as the Summer Solstice begins for Make Music Day UK and NYMAZ’s #RuralTheme!

Whitby Community Choir

We talked to Rebecca Denniff who has led the choir for the past 10 years about the importance of music in rural areas and their involvement in Make Music Day UK!
Whitby Community Choir is an open choir for all ages and anyone who wants to sing. Rehearsing once a week at St.Hilda’s Business Centre at 7.15pm. They are an acapella group which have been running now for 12 years and share their love of singing and community spirit.

The choir’s participants all live and work around the area of Whitby and they decided to take part in our #RuralTheme challenge to celebrate their local landscape and beauty of the moors with the world, on this international stage.
’ The North York Moors are beautiful and Danby Beacon was the perfect setting for our Dawn Chorus, from there you can see where we live as it’s views stretch for miles.’

So the group are rising early on Thursday 21 June to sing with the larks as the sunrises and Make Music Day UK begins. It isn’t difficult to see what inspired this choice of location from it’s stunning views to it’s historic landmark, but for the Whitby Community Choir it was something else that drew them there too.
‘Danby Beacon is one of those places that no matter where you are from or have been, you can feel a connection to the world there. You are able to feel disconnected from everywhere and yet, completely connected to everything at the same time. It is a special place of outstanding beauty which connects the history of the past with our present’.

Make Music Day is a series of musical performances shared with everyone on the Summer Solstice. We asked why Whitby Community Choir wanted to be involved this year.
‘It provides us the opportunity to perform, be disconnected and connected in such contrast. It also allows us to share our community and joy of singing together without the worry of travelling miles. I believe it is important to provide opportunities for people to access live music events, which from rural areas not everyone can so it is fab that NYMAZ are connecting people through the #RuralTheme’.

The North York Moors is a beautiful backdrop to such an event, but it is huge! Getting musical opportunities to musicians and artists working in these areas, which are easily accessible for all is a huge challenge. That’s why NYMAZ’s #RuralTheme celebrates the landscape across the UK from Dale and Moor to beach and cliff through the use of technology and 4G! But even then there are some challenges which crop up.
Accessing music in these rurally isolated landscapes is challenging due to the barriers of location, transport and in some cases not distance but a lack of knowing it’s going on.
‘Sometimes distance to an event can be a huge challenge, and then transporting yourself to it even harder. When something is happening nearby local acts aren’t always given the opportunities to perform because the need to increase revenue or status of the event leads to bigger artists being involved, which is understandable but leaves local musicians without a platform to share their own music.’

This highlights the importance of events like Make Music Day UK, which are for everyone and everywhere. Allowing people to share their talents, love of music and community with each other from anywhere, and inviting them to join the show through a live-streamed performance.


‘I believe it is incredibly important to make music accessible for all. Music connects all, and brings everyone together.’

We are looking forward to watching the sunrise with Whitby Community Choir tomorrow morning, and welcoming the new day, starting #MakeMusicDayUK off with a #RuralTheme and celebrating the ability to #MakeMusicEverywhere.

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