17 Jun 2022


Artist Interview

Welcome back to the Rural Fest 2022 blog! As the main event draws near, it’s time to explore some of the artists set to perform at this year’s festival. Over the next two weeks, we’ll be finding out everything from their creative process to their favourite records. Today, it’s Tymisha’s turn!


Tell us a bit about your music/ongoing projects?

I am currently in the process of recording a few singles, hoping to release the first one in mid-July before releasing a few more throughout the year until my album is ready in 2023. My music is a mix of all things that I love. It tells a story and embarks upon a journey. It’s like a window into my life. I love how songwriting can take people to places and make them feel something.

How did you get into music and who inspires you?

I got into music at an early age by performing in choirs and little singing groups. When I turned 14, I decided to take it a bit more seriously. I went on tour with an orchestra when I was about 14/15 to Prague which was fun and after that I fell more and more in love with music. I wrote my first song ‘Thin White Lines’ when I was about 15/16 and I haven’t stopped writing since. I get a lot of inspiration from soul, Motown, rock and psychedelic rock. When it’s played acoustically it’s hard to hear these inspirations, but when it has everything else present it comes across a lot clearer.

How do you set yourself up to write your own music and get in the creative zone? Does this differ when you play live?

I can only really write music when I want to. I must be in the mood to be creative. It usually stems from boredom, and I get bored a lot! Or if I hear a riff or a melody that I love, I can write off the back of that and create a song. I would say I have different modes when I get on stage. When I am creating my own music, I go more into a zone where I can’t be disturbed but on stage I try to connect more with the audience and get them to really listen to the words and melodies.

Why are you excited to play at Rural Fest this year?

I think it’s a great opportunity to play somewhere new and to share my music with a whole new group of people. Hopefully people might relate to my music and follow along with me on my journey.

How do find your local music scene and who are you digging from it right now?

I think my local music scene is great. It has supported me a great deal over the past few years. The Froot are a great band on the local scene at the minute.

What would your dream collaboration be with another artist/s?

I would have to choose Lana Del Rey. I love her style and her voice. However, I’d also love to collaborate with the Rolling Stones or Rod Stewart as I have idolised them since I was a child.

If you could visit a music scene/era of the past, which one would you choose?

I think it would have to be the soul and Motown era. It had all the greats.

What one record would you take with you to a desert island?

Any album by Jimi Hendrix

What would be on your bucket list to complete as a musician / artist?

I would like to see people connect with my music, singing my songs back to me. I’d also love to be a songwriter for other musicians.

We hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know Tymisha a little bit better! We will be back with more blogs soon - so keep looking out for more coming soon.


written by Rural Fest Journalist - Ben Forsdick


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